About Trade Container Services Limited

After more than 30 years of being involved with container storage, container and cabin sales and hire, and container conversions, our founder is proud to be starting his own company, Trade Container Services Limited, /  T.C.S. Not only will we be supplying various containers, from 8ft up to 40ft, but we will also be offering a range of anti-vandal offices, canteens, and drying rooms  for hire or purchase. Additionally for sites who have no mains supply of water or electrics we can offer a wide range of Static Welfare units. 

Working along side a wide range of suppliers to the industry Trade Container Services can also offer Portable Toilets and Effluent tank waste removal services throughout the United Kingdom.

Covering All Construction Needs

At T.C.S., our main objective is to assist in every aspect of construction and site requirements, including personal protective equipment and health and safety and COSHH-approved items. Just make one simple call and you will have the equipment you need delivered straight to your site. Another key aspect of our business is supplying a wide range of physical components for cabins and containers, including all parts and accessories, such as padlocks, ramps, and stacking cones. Through our exceptional contact list, we are able to source these products swiftly and at competitive prices.

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Catering to Your Needs

The requirements of a construction company vary greatly depending on their current site. To accommodate these needs, we provide first-class container conversions and steel fabrication to renovate each unit accordingly.

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Lifting Heavy Items with Ease

When dealing with heavy-duty machinery, the use of a HIAB crane is crucial, enabling you to lift plant, materials, and installations with ease. Trade Container Services Limited is able to deliver HIAB cranes, as well as containers and cabins, to our clients’ sites across Europe.

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An Enviable Reputation

Many of the clients who have worked with us in the past have commented that we have never found any task too big or too small, and that we are satisfied to cater for their every need. Throughout the process, we keep your best interests at heart, making sure that every step is taken to achieve your goals. It is our aim to maintain and develop this reputation, while also remaining competitive in price.