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Whether you are in need of locking mechanisms to secure your container during shipping, or simply want to personalise your unit inside and out, look no further than Trade Container Services Limited. Based in Kent, we are your one-stop shop for container parts and accessories. Although we maintain a significant product range, if there is an item you need that we currently do not have in stock, get in touch with our friendly team and we will source it for you.

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Securing Your Unit

Due to their sturdy and durable design, containers are seen to be protecting important or valuable items, making them a common target for thieves. Make sure that your unit is thoroughly protected thanks to our range of locking devices. Our traditional padlocks are manufactured from hardened steel, and measure 6.5cm x 6cm x 2.5cm. The shackle is 1cm in diameter and has a 1.5cm spacing that allows it to fit on your container. Alternatively, we supply universal locking pins, which are perfect for multiple containers that are being stacked.

storage containers margate, kent container suppliers

Handling Damp and Liquids

Whether caused by condensation or leaking, having water inside your container can spell trouble for your goods. When placed inside your unit, an absorpole will draw the moisture out of the air, while we also provide damp sticks, which operate in a similar manner. Goods that are actually liquids pose a serious slip hazard, meaning installing HSS™ drip trays is paramount to ensure your safety.

storage containers margate, kent container suppliers

Enabling Simple Access

Although accessing a container yourself is not difficult, finding a way to place your goods inside is often a lot more challenging, especially when handling heavy loads. Trade Container Services Limited offers a selection of durable ramps for your convenience, including heavy-duty, low-incline, and non-slip varieties.

storage containers margate, kent container suppliers

Design a Unique, Bespoke Container

Convert your container into an unrecognisable unit with the help of our design accessories. Specially made for containers, our marine paint will remain pristine through even the most challenging of conditions, while also giving you the opportunity to make it your own. You can also choose from our selection of doors, windows, and shutters to renovate your unit internally, while our steel racking is perfect for shelves, allowing you to better utilise the space available to you.

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