Purchase or Hire Secure Containers from 8', 10', 15' 20' up to 40' Nationwide

Owing to the constantly varying sizes of most shipments, it is often difficult to find a suitably sized container to accommodate your goods.

At Trade Container Services Limited,  we have an exhaustive collection of both new and used containers. 

Comprising units in numerous sizes, our range is sure to include the perfect container for you.

A Flawless New Container

The NEW containers are ONE WAY shipper containers from Asia, from the manufacturer and in impeccable condition, our new containers have a life expectancy of up to 25 years. 

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Used Container's for a Cost-Effective Price

Primarily around 10 years old, our used containers have fallen victim to natural wear and tear, but are still in great condition. Despite the potential for small abrasions to be evident, the units remain water tight and structurally sound, while some are still emblazoned with their original shipping line colours. When you require a reliable, cost-effective container, our used range is perfect.

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Meeting Your Needs

Due to our expansive selection of containers, we are able to offer an array of sizes, including 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft units. However, for your convenience, we are able to offer bespoke containers tailored to your available space, such as 12ft and 8ft containers. The unit will be delivered to you by an HIAB™, a self-unloading vehicle, while the new containers are CSC approved, meaning they meet a high grade that  thapprovesem for export.

storage containers margate, kent container suppliers

Assessing Your Location

When you get in touch with us to acquire a new or used container, we will discuss your location. This includes safety checks to ensure that your location is suitable for the container and to prevent drains, access points, or telephone lines from being affected.

Contact us now, for further details about our selection of new and used containers.

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