Trade Container Services Limited’s Delivery Assistance and Collection Policies

In order to ensure that your site is suitable for our containers, we have compiled a number of guidelines. Please consider the following questions:

• Can Your Site Take a 34ft Long x 9ft Wide Vehicle? (20ft Units Are Normally Delivered on This Type of Vehicle)

• Can Your Site Take a 60ft Long x 9ft Wide Vehicle? (40ft Units Are Normally Delivered on This Type of Vehicle)

• Does Your Site Have Hard Access? (Our Vehicles Will Not Normally Drive over Grass, Fields, Muddy Areas, or Uneven Ground, Unless This Has Been Pre-Agreed)

• Are There Any Underground Cables or Manholes?

• Are There Any Overhead Cables? (If You Have Any Overhead Cables, Please State Their Height)

• Are There Any Overhanging Trees? (If You Have Any Overhanging Trees, Please State Their Height)

• What Is Your Required Delivery Time (Site Opening Times)? (We Are Unable to Guarantee an Exact Time Due to Traffic and Possible Delays That Are Beyond Our Control)

You may also want to take into consideration the following:

• The Pre-Delivery/Collection Inspection Is to Be Carried out by the Buyer/Hirer/Site Manager

• If You Wish to Offload or Load Containers from a Public Highway, You Will Need to Take Responsibility for Any Legal Implications

• You Must Ensure That Any Parked Cars Are Moved prior to Delivery/Collection

• If the Ground Is Deemed Unfit, the Driver Can Refuse to Carry out the Unloading/Loading Duties, and Items Will Remain on Hire until the Ground Is Suitable

• Site Contact Names and Numbers Are to Be Submitted to Trade Container Services Limited

• All Collection Dates Are to Be Emailed to

Cancelled or Postponed Transport

Any postponed deliveries and/or collections are to be notified by telephone call and emailed within 24 hours of the confirmed delivery/collection dates. If a Monday service has been booked, this has to be noted by close of play on the prior Thursday/Friday AM. Failure to do so will result in the full agreed transport charge being applied.

Contact us now, to learn more about the collection or delivery of our storage containers.

01843 306819  /  07788 752216